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Welcome to my web HQ. If you didn't come here intentionally, then you've found Andrew Shuttleworth, the one born and brought up in England and happily resident in Japan since 1999. (If you are looking for a different Andrew Shuttleworth try searching on Facebook or this Yahoo! Group.

This site is a gateway for any other sites I happen to be (co)running at the time. These currently are:

  • Mobile in Japan - News, views & community site

  • Japan Events - Interactive calendar of business and community events.

  • Tokyo2Point0 - Web site for the monthly event for the international internet community in Tokyo.

  • The Japan Job Search

  • Professionally I run my own company - Customers, Vendors, People - which has the simple mission of helping companies in Japan to find high quality suppliers of business services in the fields of marketing, design, IT, training and property.

    If you are in a giving mood, here is my long Amazon wish list: Wish List (Presents received to date = 3 ! Thanks guys!)

    Here's some fun quizzes I've taken that may describe my personality.

    If you want to find me on social media and networking sites there's a couple of dynamically generated lists at

    Look forward to reading your comments and hopefully meeting some of you (again) around town. Check the list of upcoming events at